My name is Alexandra Villasante Fricke, MD and I am a physician who obtained my MD in 2015. I am currently in my PGY3 year of residency training in internal medicine.

My goal in writing Medicine Simply is to share medical lifehacks, improve your health literacy, and share my experiences from this journey of medical training.



  • In posts that feature patient stories, names, ages, and other identifying details are always changed to protect patient anonymity.
  • I have teamed with Amazon Associates to provide links to the products mentioned and I will receive a commission for any purchases made. I am not partial to any particular brands and will aim to present multiple options when available.
  • I will only highlight products and over-the-counter medications that are evidence-based and/or widely recommended in practice. I have already turned down offers to review herbal supplements, for example, because I do not believe in the product.
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  • Though I am a physician, I am speaking in general and am not examining and evaluating your individual situation; reading my posts does not replace an exam by a medical professional. When in doubt, please seek medical care. 
  • Always discuss with your doctor before taking any medications.